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In the late 80’s, while still in high-school, Preston Bowman had the incredible opportunity to manage a radio station. This experience was “business boot camp” where he hired, kept the books, was an on-air talent, wrote and recorded commercials, and walked the streets selling ads. This experience lay the groundwork for his love of business and marketing.

In 2001, after years in the technical consulting field, Preston Bowman started a company called SurfSignals, providing Internet Application Development to a select group of clientele. Over the years, with the help of senior partner Jonathan Slaven (2004-2009), the business continued to grow.

In 2008, SurfSignals became Stone Creek Consulting to reflect the direction the business was taking toward corporate-grade marketing and software development services. Under the name Stone Creek Consulting, SurfSignals, as well as under previous consulting engagements, Stone Creek’s team has had the privilege of working with some impressive clientele, including Sprint, The Coleman Company, Oster, H & R Block, Fidelity National Information Solutions, Mediaspan, MedAccom, Stockton Law and many others.


The Beginning

At 17 Preston Bowman manages a radio station and a love of marketing and business is born.

Helping IBM

While in college, Preston writes his first code for IBM.

Internet Explosion

The Internet becomes a permanent part of public and business life. Preston chooses this as his professional focus.

Stone Creek

SurfSignals is founded, later changing its name to Stone Creek Consulting.


Stone Creek becomes a HubSpot Partner.

A Partner’s Partner

Stone Creek begins to provide support services to other HubSpot partners.