Support Policy

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After Your Project

Your project comes with a 4-week “warranty” from Stone Creek Consulting. That is, we’ll fix anything that’s “broken” within 4 weeks of our final round of Quality Assurance. If you request new functionality, we can quote that separately as a Phase 2 project.

What about support after launch and after the warranty period? You have two options!

Active clients receive the fastest turnaround. To keep fast turnaround, add a new project or sign up for our helpful support retainer, which starts at $150/month for up to two hours of support (that’s 50% off our hourly rate).

Don’t want to add a support retainer? Your account will switch from Active to Inactive after 45 days. We’re glad to help in the future, but we’ll schedule Active clients first. In contrast, Inactive clients may need to wait 1-2 months before we can complete their requests.

To avoid potentially needing to wait longer when you need help, we recommend the support retainer. In addition to faster turnaround on future requests, you also get those two hours at 50% off our standard rate and additional support hours at 25% off.

Let us know if you want to know more about initiating a support retainer after your project is complete.


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